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Dear Honest Dental Patients,

It was our plan that we would treat you for a long time to come, but due to circumstances beyond our control that is no longer possible. Our building will be demolished and we have no location in the nearby area to move our business to in this short amount of time.

All Honest Dental appointments after February 8th are cancelled.

Rebuilding our business could take more than a year. It has been an honor and a pleasure taking care of you, your friends and families over the last 3 years.

Since we will be unable to service your future dental needs, we highly recommend Dr. Kyle Griffith from 58 Dental.

They are located right next door at 7090 E. Hampden (same parking lot as our location) on the upper level of the building. For your convenience, your dental records are being stored at Dr. Griffith’s practice. If needed, records can be obtained and transferred to any other office by contacting Dr. Griffith’s office.

You can schedule future appointments with their office at 303.758.5252.

We will miss you so much. It has truly been an honor.

WIth love,

Dr. Jackie Cox, Kurt, Jack

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